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About us - Marocavie - Marocavie charitable Organisation – Morocco
About us - Marocavie - Marocavie charitable Organisation – MoroccoAbout us - Marocavie - Marocavie charitable Organisation – MoroccoAbout us - Marocavie - Marocavie charitable Organisation – Morocco
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Marocavie was established in 2008 as a charitable organization. Marocavie is dedicated to supporting economic, social and environmental projects in the Southwest part of Morocco, where the Argan tree forests are found.

In order to successfully achieve our mission and to insure proper use of the funds, Marocavie is managed by local volunteers only. Being an independent and charitable organization guarantees that our donations won’t be wasted in useless functioning costs or simply misappropriated. Moreover, Marocavie is completely free from any political or religious affiliations.

We achieve our mission by working in partnership with local communities in order to:
      •  improve education for children,
      •  provide socioeconomic opportunities for women and their families,
      •  prevent the spread of the desert and slowdown rural exodus.

Marocavie’s core mission is best expressed by its commitment to “Helping people help themselves”. This philosophical approach to sustainable development allows us to implement, evaluate and monitor our projects in order to address economic, social and environmental needs in the most efficient and effective way.
Our core values

Five values are defining our action. They are held and shared every day by the Marocavie’s team:
      •  Focusing on the needs of the beneficiaries
      •  Using resources efficiently and effectively
      •  Being consistently honest and trustworthy
      •  Maintaining full transparency and accountability
      •  Continuously improving our charitable actions

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